Chaining your tests

In Waldo, you can use a dependency to chain tests together.

In Waldo, you can use dependencies to make your tests modular so you can maintain them easily and make them more reliable. In addition, it enables you to test state-specific user paths.

The advantages of shorter, more concise flows are:

  • Faster runs.
  • More reliable tests.
  • You can test specific flows from a specific step. For instance, you can test that your “Delete account” flow succeeds after a “Sign up” flow, and also after a “Login”. Waldo dependencies are ideal for these kinds of scenarios.

Creating a dependent test

  • Click “Create Test”.
  • Click the dropdown menu and select the specific build version to run your tests on.
  • The recorder modal window displays. The list of tests available for dependencies appears on the left-hand side of the modal window.
  • Drag and drop the appropriate test to the right-hand side of the modal window.
  • Once you have select all your desired dependencies, click the Start Recording button.
  • The recorder launches and automatically runs through the flows you selected as dependencies.
  • Upon completion of these flows, the recorder returns control to you on the last screen of the last dependency.
  • Record any further steps desired for your flow.
  • Name your completed flow using the input box in the top left of the screen, then click the Save test button.

Et voilà! You have created a dependent test!

To examine which tests in your suite are dependent of other tests, locate your test list in the “Tests” dashboard. Dependent tests display a icon on the left.