What does Waldo do?

Waldo is a continuous mobile app testing platform that helps teams test the final product before shipping updates to the public. It’s the first no-code testing platform that is not based on test scripts, meaning that anyone on your team can easily create and run automated tests. If they know how to use the app on their phone, they can create a test on Waldo!

What Frameworks does Waldo support?

Waldo supports most native mobile app frameworks, including:

  • any native framework: Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI, Android, Flutter, etc.
  • any hybrid framework based on web: Cordova, Ionic, etc.
  • React Native

Waldo does not read Open GL.

How long does it take to setup Waldo?

The first time you create an account on Waldo, it should take you no more than 15 minutes to signup, upload your simulator build, create your first test and run it; and no more than 1 hour to be fully setup with Slack, GitHub and CI integration.

Who uses Waldo? Engineers or non-technical people?

It's a mix of both. Although non-technical people can use Waldo easily, lots of teams whose engineers are heavily involved in the testing process also use Waldo.

How does Waldo compare to Appium, Espresso, XCTest or some other scripting tool?

There is no scripting involved, ever. Instead, Waldo lets you naturally interact with your app from the user experience. Waldo understands how each screen is structured and the logic that connects them.

How quickly do I get my test results back?

Instead of running each test in a suite back to back, we allocate the server resources to run multiple tests at once and return your results faster. Receiving your results is usually a matter of minutes depending on the size of your test suite.

What kind of tests do people create with Waldo?

Any test that is deterministic can be automated through Waldo. Waldo was built to give an experience that is as close as possible to the real user experience of your mobile product. Our customers create tests for signups, logins, onboarding, location-based flows, features, divergent user paths, and more.

I have a complicated app that changes all the time. Will Waldo work for me?

It depends on what you mean by “changes all the time”. If your app has dynamic content, Waldo can handle that! You will still need to have a stable source of truth that Waldo can use to run each of your new builds.

Which devices (simulators) and operating systems does Waldo support?

We currently have a range of devices that covers the various needs of our users, including some of the latest Operating Systems and device sizes:


  • iPhone SE - iOS 13.7
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max - iOS 14.0
  • iPhone 11 - iOS 14.4
  • iPhone 8 - iOS 13.4
  • iPhone 12 - iOS 14.4
  • iPhone 11 - iOS 13.4
  • iPhone 8 - iOS 14.0
  • iPhone 6s - iOS 13.4
  • iPhone 11 - iOS 14.0
  • iPhone X - iOS 14.0
  • iPhone X - iOS 13.4
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max - iOS 13.4
  • iPhone 8 - iOS 13.3

From Android 9 to Android 11

  • Pixel 3a - SDK 28.0*
  • Galaxy S7 - SDK 29.0*
  • Galaxy S8 - SDK 30.0*
  • Galaxy A51 - SDK 29.0*
  • Pixel 2 - SDK 30.0*
  • Pixel 2 - SDK 29.0*
  • Pixel 2 - SDK 28.0*
  • Galaxy S10 - SDK 30.0*
  • Galaxy S10 - SDK 29.0*

*These devices are emulators. By definition, an emulator doesn't simulate the manufacturer layers.

If you’re wondering about a configuration not listed above, contact us!

How to bypass the SMS verification issue?

If you have an SMS verification step in your app’s on-boarding flow, you will need to use a deep link to simulate that step and get to the following screen.

For more information on how to use deep links, visit our step-by-step guide here.

What type of gestures are supported?

We currently support the following gestures:

  • tap
  • shake phone
  • vertical scroll
  • horizontal scroll

How do I test on multiple environments?

Waldo was created to help you test the closest build to production and validate that your app works end-to-end. We recommend to only test on one environment to achieve this. Most of our customers choose to test on Staging.

I have an infrequently asked question!

Great! We’d love to answer it. Send us an email, or chat with us at the bottom right corner of our website.