Manual Run

Running your tests manually

One way to quickly run one or more tests is to launch them manually through the Waldo dashboard. This is particularly useful for validating a new test to ensure it is behaving properly, or to test a specific build version.

  1. To run your tests manually, hover over the + button in the navigation bar to display the contextual menu.
  1. Select the Run Tests item from the menu by clicking on it. The Run Your Tests modal window then appears with all options available for you to configure your run.
  1. Click the dropdown menu to select the specific build version to run your tests on.
  1. Select which particular tests run. You can filter the displayed tests with the Search tests input box. To include/exclude a particular test, simply check/uncheck the appropriate checkbox.
  1. Once you finish selecting your build version and the set of tests to run, click the Run N Tests button. This will redirect you to the newly created run. Here you can watch the tests replay until you obtain all the results.
  1. The run list displays your analytics dashboards, and all the runs previously launched for your application.
  1. Navigate to the runs list by clicking on the Runs button in the navigation bar.
  1. You can also navigate between the runs list and the run view with the breadcrumb at the top of the run view.