Connecting Slack to Waldo

It is possible to integrate your Slack organization with Waldo to get notified whenever any new runrun - A run is a set of replays performed concurrently. Given a set of one or more tests and a set of one or more device configurations, each test is evaluated against each device configuration using a specific application build. is complete. Once integrated you will receive Slack notifications with summaries of your results and direct links to the detailed results.

How to connect your Slack organization

It only takes a few steps to integrate Slack with Waldo:

  • This will launch Slack to review the permissions. Select the channel where you want Waldo to send the notifications and click Allow.
  • You should then be redirected to Waldo and the button Connected should now appear.

There you have it! You can now launch a new run and verify that you receive the Slack notification in the selected channel.

How to change the Slack channel for Waldo

You always have the possibility to change the Slack channel where Waldo will send the results notifications:

  • This will launch Slack where you will have the option to select the channel where Waldo will send you the notifications.
  • Click the Allow button to be redirected back to Waldo and confirm that the new channel is the one mentioned in the Slack section.

You will now receive all new notifications to the new channel you selected!