Update a test starting from a specific step

You can update an existing test starting from any given step. For instance, if your test is composed of five steps and you choose to update from the second step, Waldo launches the recorder and automatically replays the first step. Once the replayreplay - A replay is the evaluation of a test in a particular context: A specific device configuration (for example, “iPhone X on iOS 13.5 in French”), a specific application build, or a specific point in time. completes, Waldo gives you control of the recorder to update the rest of your testtest - A test is a flow combined with a set of assertions that define the criteria for acceptance. with new steps.

  • To update a test, click the Update test button from the “Tests” dashboard.
  • Next, select the step to start updating from.

Note: The step you select is the first step that you want to change.

  • Select the build of your applicationapplication - An application (sometimes abbreviated to app) is the primary entity in Waldo. It corresponds to a mobile app on either iOS or Android. Typically, an app in Waldo is distributed on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), or is intended to be so distributed. (Enterprise distribution is not supported.) An application in Waldo is specific to a single OS platform. Therefore, a mobile app that supports both iOS and Android requires two distinct applications in Waldo. from the drop down menu and click the Next button to launch the recorder.
  • Waldo automatically replays any steps preceding the selected step. You can always see the steps that were replayed once the recorder launches.
  • In update mode, the steps of the original flow display below the steps currently recording.
  • Record the new steps of your test. Once you are satisfied with the new flow, click the Save test button to preview the updated steps of your recording.
  • Click the Save test button to confirm the update and return to the Tests dashboard.