What is Waldo Live

Starting a Live session

Select the app version you want to launch along with the device model, OS version, and language then just press the "Tap to play" button.


Thanks to the inspector you can examine:

  • HTTP(S) requests
  • App logs
  • Analytics — More Info


Hide inspector

You can hide/show the inspector by clicking on the button on the top right and corner.

Direct access via GitHub integration

Connect your GitHub account to Waldo and access your live app directly from your Pull Requests in GitHub! — More Info

Connecting to your firewall

Waldo routes all outbound traffic from the devices through 2 IP addresses: and These 2 IP addresses are static and are not expected to change. It is important to whitelist both because, depending on the situation, Waldo may use one or the other for the same app.

What’s Next